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Popular questions on solar screen products

Some Commonly Asked Questions:

Q: Why do Black and Brown cost less than other colors?
A: Darker colors are the most functional and the most popular. There is a little price advantage because we do more volume in these colors. Offering a      discount tends to increase demand, which helps us to streamline our inventory and process making the discount worthwhile.

Q: How much can I expect to save on my electric bill?
A: SRP claims that by shading all sun-struck windows treatment you can save up to 25% of your cooling costs. With 80% screens a good portion of that savings may   be obtained. Maximum savings will be achieved with 90% Suntex, but with a reduction in natural light. Figure your cooling cost by subtracting out the  “base” amount of your electric bill. (For example one month when you didn’t use heat or AC your bill was $80. In July your bill was $280. Your cooling is   $200 for July.)

Q: It gets so HOT in Texas, why would anyone choose 80% instead of 90% screens?
A: There are a few reasons, the most common is to allow more sunlight to illuminate the room while still having some protection. Common applications for Suntex 80 are windows treatment where the sun exposure is minimal, or on any room where maximum natural light is preferred.

Q: Will Suntex 90 block too much of the light, making my rooms too dark?
A: Suntex 90 does make a noticeable change in the lighting of your rooms. It’s natural tradeoff, blocking most of the sun’s heat does require a reduction in the amount of light coming in. In the end it is a personal choice and only you can say how much light is needed in your home. It may help to consider which concerns you more: having too much -or- having too much shade.

Q: If the screens block so much off the sun won’t 90% screens also block some of my view?
A: Look at this picture, the straight-ahead daylight view is actually better than the old 80% and 90% sun screens (but the room will be darker). If you are trying see out at an extreme angle to the window then your view will be blocked, it’s the same properties that block more of the sun as the angle gets sharper.

Q: How can you charge less than the competition and stay in business?
A: its simple, our overhead is much lower than the larger we shops. We carefully control everything we do so our scrap and rework costs are extremely low, and thanks to referrals we spend almost nothing on advertising. We pass the savings to our customers and enjoy seeming them pleased with the high quality at a great price.

Q: I can’t easily turn the clips to remove the screens for cleaning.
A: Though they appear to simply twist off, the clips should be kept snug enough that high winds over time cannot work the screen loose. In most cases a turn with a Phillips screwdriver will loosen the clips enough to twist off. Remember to re-tighten when putting the screen back on.

Q: How do I keep my screens clean?
A: If they are just dusty a light rinsing with a hose should easily take the dust off.

Q: My screens are dirty and they won’t rinse off easily, how can I clean them?
A: When dirt becomes “baked” on the screen they are a little harder to clean. A soft window scrubber and some mild detergent should do the trick. Be sure to rinse well to remove all the detergent. Also take care not to stretch the screen out of shape.

Q: Do solar screens affect the window warranty?
A: In my experience I do not see a massive disservice being performed against all the new-home owners by screen companies that attach screens to the exposed window tint frame (the majority of screens are installed this way). I have read many window tint warranties, and they simply do not have any “attached or fastening to” clause that voids the warranty. I have also not experienced or heard of any warranty denials resulting from simply attaching screens properly to the exposed window tint frame (this is the way the screen frame and clips are designed to be used). Unfortunately some builders like to hassle, but window tint companies are primarily concerned with the glass. Window Tint or Tint films applied to the glass often void the warranty. Painting the glass may also void the warranty. Obviously, if I damaged the glass while installing screens I would be responsible. The window tint treatment warranty will not cover attachments to the window warranty and I think you will find it is reasonable and aligned with common sense logic. Properly installed screens do not interfere in any way with the function or integrity of the window, and should not adversely affect the widow warranty. Our best services can find in Houston, Austin and Katy.

Q: Will the screens be more effective if the entire window frame is covered?
A: This is one of the selling points of some screen shops and in our opinion is simply a sales line. Solar screens do help shade the window but they are still a “partial” shade. As long as some sun is still hitting the glass the amount of heat radiating through the window tint frame is negligible. Our Services in Houston, Austin and Katy. The real problem is solar energy easily penetrates the glass and then the resulting heat is trapped inside. All focus should be on shading the glass, and until the direct rays are completely blocked the thermal conductivity of the frame is a non-issue. Windows will never insulate like a wall, but shading the glass from direct sun can significantly reduce your cooling costs

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